• Dine With Us

    Dine With Us brings locals and newcomers in Belgium together for a welcoming dinner.

  • Steps

    What happens when you sign up

    You sign up

    anytime you like

    When you sign up you fill out a form telling us a little about yourself.

    We find your info

    within a week

    We read your info and we look in our list of signed up people for a match in age, location, etc.

    We call you

    can take a few weeks

    When we find a match we call you to tell you a little about this person.

    We call your match

    can take a week

    When you like the match, we call the other person. If we didn't allready.

    We get you in touch

    immediately after the call

    When you both accept the match, we send you both an email with information about each other: email and telephone number.

    (We don't share your address.)

    You contact each other

    when you find the time

    From here it is up to you. Find a date for a dinner party with your match and your friends or families, and agree on who does what.

    The dinner

    when you plan it

    Hope you'll love it as much as we do!

  • -------- Food joins people like nothing else does --------

  • Tips and info

    Be safe

    We do not screen registered people. If at any point you feel like you can't trust your match, you do not need to go ahead. Contact us to find another match.

    Tips for dinner

    Bring half of the guests (1-3) each so that nobody is a minority.


    Don’t worry if you don’t speak the common language well. Cooking is a language too.



    It's great if you see each other again, but there is no obligation.


    If you want to be matched again, email us. We archive your registration safely until then.

  • They did it


    Syrian, 34y

    'It is a great way to learn about and from each other. That is why I did it.'


    Polish, 29y

    'I immediately signed up to do it again. I have a friend who will love this.'


    Belgian, 35y

    'Dine With Us is great when you feel like doing something positive.'


    Belgian, 37y

    'The dinner was even more fun and interesting than I thought it would be.'



    'I immediately saw the beginning of a new friendship.'

  • Video

    Watch this video and learn how it works.


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    0477 45 41 77

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  • Contact 

    E-mail us for more information or to reactivate your account

  • Donate!

    We aim to be self-sustainable in one or two years. Until then we need YOU to grow!